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Where's Jarrad? Seabrook, NH

He is currently at

Fantasy Fireworks: Seabrook, NH
571 Lafayette Rd. (Rt 1)
Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone: (603) 474-3780

Showroom Hours:
7 Days a week 10am-6pm

After Hours or Appointment Call Jarrad:
(802) 683-9822



The finales are the “show stopper.” We offer over 25 different finales to select from. The end of your fireworks show deserves the best finales you can find. Start here for the biggest and best aerial repeaters, finale racks, and zipper cakes.

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Brothers Pyrotechnics

Sales price: $180.00

Glory Honor Power

Sales price: $180.00

Product details

whacky Tobacky
Sales price: $180.00

Whacky Tobacky

Sales price: $180.00

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