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Where's Jarrad? Seabrook, NH

He is currently at

Fantasy Fireworks: Seabrook, NH
571 Lafayette Rd. (Rt 1)
Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone: (603) 474-3780

Showroom Hours:
7 Days a week 10am-6pm

After Hours or Appointment Call Jarrad:
(802) 683-9822



We have over 30 different 150 Gram Repeaters to select from that produce a spectacular aerial show with just one fuse. Multiple shot repeaters are a show-in-a-box and offer fantastic aerial displays. Light the fuse and stand back to enjoy a great show, sure to impress all.

Brothers Pyrotechnics

Sales price: $22.00

Crown Jewelry

16 shots - multi colored stars. 4 shot...

Sales price: $22.00

Product details

Sales price: $22.00

Grand Canyon

16 shots- silver tail with multi color...

Sales price: $22.00

Product details

Sales price: $22.00

Martin Bomber

16 shots- red, silver, and blue...

Sales price: $22.00

Product details