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Where's Jarrad? Seabrook, NH

He is currently at

Fantasy Fireworks: Seabrook, NH
571 Lafayette Rd. (Rt 1)
Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone: (603) 474-3780

Showroom Hours~

7 Days a week 10am-6pm

After Hours or Appointment Call Jarrad:
(802) 683-9822



The Fantasy Favorites are just that, the cream of the crop and the best of the best. Call them what you want, but all of these items will not disappoint. From the input of our customers and professional pyro staff, we have our Fantasy Favorites here for you.

Fantasy Fireworks

Sales price: $100.00

Demon Detonator

36 shots- of red peony with crackles,...

Sales price: $100.00

Product details

PJ1504A PJ1504B PJ1504C PJ1504D 24 Demonator shells
Sales price: $180.00

Demonator 24 pack

24 60 gram shells of Different Breaks–...

Sales price: $180.00

Product details