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Fantasy Fireworks: Seabrook, NH
571 Lafayette Rd. (Rt 1)
Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone: (603) 474-3780

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7 Days a week 10am-6pm

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Artillery shells are the most popular way to create a professional style display by giving the shooter the advantage of staging the show at his pace with control of the product and insuring a safe show that he can develop. We offer a variety of shells ranging from the 10 gram mini artillery to the 60 gram Canister to double, triple, quadruple and five breaking shells. Again this gives the shooter the most liberal ability to create his own special shot.


Sales price: $110.00

Exterminator 12 Canister Shells

12 60 gram shells of Different Breaks—2...

Sales price: $110.00

Product details

Sales price: $22.00

Festival Balls

6 pack 30 gram shells six different...

Sales price: $22.00

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