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Fantasy Fireworks: Seabrook, NH
571 Lafayette Rd. (Rt 1)
Seabrook, NH 03874
Phone: (603) 474-3780

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7 Days a week 10am-6pm

After Hours or Appointment Call Jarrad:
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Saturn missile batteries fill the sky with whistles and reports and are a great way to really bring your show to another level. Nothing compares to the effect Saturn missiles create, whistling into the sky with various tails ending with a report. Saturn missiles are truly unique. Start with the 25 shot or go straight to the 750 shot Color Invasion!

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Sales price: $16.00

156 Shot Missile Battery

156 shots Whistle to report.

Sales price: $16.00

Product details

Sales price: $40.00

400 Shot Missile Battery

400 shots Whistle to report. 50 shot...

Sales price: $40.00

Product details

Sales price: $160.00

750 shot color Saturn missles

750 shot color Saturn missles finale of...

Sales price: $160.00

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