Not all Kits are created equally!

Fantasy Fireworks assortments are hand-picked and packed in the US! All Items are Aerials! (most aerial repeaters have finale ending) There are No Filler nor Fountains in our assortments.

Aerial Repeaters

Aerial various effects.

All cakes selected by fantasy fireworks. Please use comments for requests and we will do our best to accommodate them.


Loud and Fun!

Bricks, rolls, and repeaters.

Artillery Shells

Reloadable Shells.

Preselected by Fantasy Fireworks, we have the gram you want, at the pack you need. Available in Reg or neon or mix.


Bottle rockets.

Preselected by Fantasy Fireworks, available in 4, 8, and 19.5 oz rockets.

Roman Candles

Fun for any show.

This shows a visual example. Actual product will vary.
As always Buy One Get One Free!

Saturn Missile

25 to 750 shot battery.

A classic and a favorite for fans of all ages, this is a perfect balance of duration and value.


Beautiful displays of color.

Great for starting a show in a backyard to get the audience excited.

Sparklers & Novelties

Fun for people of all ages.

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