Welcome to Fantasy Fireworks Inc. Outlet located in Seabrook, New Hampshire and Hinsdale, New Hampshire where it is always buy one get one free!!! We are New Hampshire’s largest and oldest consumer premiere fireworks store, family owned and operated for 28 years. Nestled in the Hearts of the beautiful little towns of Seabrook, NH and Hinsdale, NH.

Our showrooms in Seabrook, NH and Hinsdale NH are fully stocked with all of the hottest consumer fireworks available. We have shipments of new fireworks coming in all the time and our retail fireworks showroom is stocked with over 700 different consumer fireworks from only the best names in fireworks manufactures available in Seabrook, New Hampshire and Hinsdale, New Hampshire.

We sell BrothersBlack CatMegaBanger, Glorious, Winda, Great GrizzlyUnited Pyro , World ClassBoomer, Bigs, Fantasy Fireworks, and many more. We give you the best consumer fireworks on the market at the best possible prices. We also allow you to mix and match like priced items to get the most variation and value for your money. No other stores in New Hampshire allow this practice. If you are looking to buy fireworks in NH , Fantasy Fireworks in Seabrook, NH and Hinsdale, NH are your retail fireworks outlets! With our newly renovated store, massive fireworks warehouse no one in New Hampshire can beat our selection! We will price match and beat all competition in NH. Offering you the lowest and cheapest prices. That is why our moto is “Only the best, Always for Less” Ken Savinelli Founder of Fantasy Fireworks Seabrook, NH and Hinsdale, NH

We carry a full line of different varieties of consumer fireworks including; Preloaded mortar shells, artillery shellsCanister Shellsassortment kitsrepeaters (cakes)500 gram heavy weightsfinale racks, novelty items, roman candles, zipper cakes and many other items. Explore our online fireworks catalog, where you can view the information for most of all our fireworks with photos and videos.

Fantasy Fireworks Inc. is the largest and oldest retail fireworks outlet in NH where we strive to give you “Only the Best, Always for Less!” . Please enjoy the convenience of our online catalog; however you may not purchase fireworks online due to New Hampshire state laws. As always, please check with your town or city to verify that fireworks are legal to have and discharge. Safety and compliance are our main objectives while offering the public the safest and best class C fireworks available in New Hampshire.

Fantasy Fireworks Seabrook is located in south eastern New Hampshire on Rt. 1 (571 Lafayette Rd) in Seabrook, NH. Just over the Massachusetts / NH State line. Across from Staples. It’s an easy one hour ride North of, Boston Massachusetts and an hour from Portland Maine.

Fantasy Fireworks Hinsdale is located in south western New Hampshire on Rt. 119 (727 Brattleboro RD) in Hinsdale, NH. Just over the Massachusetts/Vermont / NH State line. It’s an easy one hour ride North of Springfield, Massachusetts and 5 minutes East of Brattleboro, Vermont.

Ken Savinelli

About Ken Savinelli

Ken Savinelli was the proud founder and owner of Fantasy Fireworks and sadly he passed away November 6th 2010 after a courageous battle with cancer. Notwithstanding his love and passion for his family, Ken loved fireworks almost as much. He was instrumental in supporting the debates to have fireworks become permissible in the state of New Hampshire and he followed the legal battles with a passion. When he was aware of his medical condition he invested a great deal of time into teaching his son Jarrad all that he knew about fireworks. First and foremost he believed in selling excellent and safe products at a fair price and above all treating ALL of his customers fairly and with a personal touch.

If you were lucky enough to know Ken you knew he LOVED to tell stories. He knew his customers were his business and he did everything he could to ensure that they would return. He never once took anyone or anything for granted. He passed these values on to his son and so although he will be missed by many, you as our customers can be assured of the best products, excellent service and fair prices. “Only The Best, Always for Less”

If you are lucky maybe some new stories will be told by his son, Jarrad. As Ken always said “the apple does not fall far from the tree” and in this case it would be an honor for our family if that remained true.