Check With your State and local Laws for permissible use:

New Hampshire Laws

At Fantasy Fireworks Inc., we take safety extremely serious. We take pride in the 27-years of selling consumer fireworks. We have had no incidents or injuries that we know of. That being said, fireworks are inherently dangerous. There is no denying that fireworks are capable of causing damage or injury, but fireworks which are made according to the consumer fireworks specification specs pose no significant hazard when used correctly. In fact, the CPSP (Consumer Product Safety Commission) ranks consumer fireworks 137th on its lists of most dangerous consumer products. Our manufacturers have done their part by conforming to all US specifications in safety testing of their products prior to being shipped to the United States. Your responsibility as a consumer is to use the devices exactly as instructed, and if you get read the following safety tips the risk of damage or injury is negligible.

  1. You must be at least 21 years old or (18 years old with active military ID) to purchase fireworks.
  2. Children should never handle fireworks.
  3. Never consume alcohol or drugs while handling fireworks.
  4. Follow your local and state laws regarding the possession and use of fireworks.
  5. Always place fireworks on a hard, flat, wide open and level surface 50 ft away from buildings, vehicles, vegetation or flammable objects.
  6. Never hold roman candles or other devises in hands.
  7. NEVER attempt to reignite a ” DUD”
  8. Never place your head or any part of your body over any fireworks device.
  9. Have a water hose or bucket of water is case of emergency.
  10. Never ignite fireworks in an area considered in a drought.
  11. Buy Fireworks only from established licensed dealers.
  12. The sale of cherry bombs, or any other explosive device HAVE BEEN FEDERALLY BANNED SINCE THE 60’s !
  13. It’s  is illegal to sell or purchase firecrackers, smoke bombs, and rockets in New Hampshire.
  14. Don’t attempt to make your own fireworks, or alter any fireworks in any way.
  15. Keep the spectators at least 75 ft. away from where the devices are ignited.
  16. Carry fireworks in a closed box, not on your person.
  17. Keep the unused item in a closed box, well away the firing area.
  18. Wear eye protection, long sleeves, long pants and gloves for your protection.
  19. Always clean up the debris after the show.

Fantasy Fireworks Inc. handles only products that meet or exceed the guidelines established by the US Department of Transportation & the US Consumer Safety Commission for UN03361  1.4G class C Consumer Fireworks.

  1. This device is to be used no less than 75 feet from any occupied dwelling or spectator area.
  2. Use only the launch tube supplied with your kit. NEVER TRY TO MAKE YOUR OWN LAUNCH TUBES USING ABS OR PVC PLASTIC PIPE.
  3. Never use a damaged or wet launch tube.
  4. Use launch tube on solid level ground. HDPE or Fiberglass tubes can be buried in a 5 gallon pail of sand or dirt ¾ buried. Or secured by bricks or something heavy.
  5. Always make sure the area is clear of overhead obstructions.
  6. Always keep artillery shells covered in box they are packaged in and away from spectator area when fired from launch tube area.
  7. Never cut the string loop on the top of the shell that holds the fuse and keeps the shell in it’s proper upright loading position.
  8. Always load the shell into the launch tube first before lighting the fuse. Never ignite the shell outside the launcher.
  9. Never force the artillery shell down the launch tube. Shell should drop down launch tube freely, with fuse exposed from the top of the launch tube.
  10. Never load and fire more than one shell at a time from the launch tube.
  11. Clean debris from launch tube after each firing.
  12. Never have any part of your body over the loaded launch tube when lighting the exposed fuse.
  13. After lighting the shell that is loaded in the launch tube move at least 40′ from the launch area.
  14. Always wait at least 2 minutes between reloading a new shell into an empty launch tube after firing.

If your kit comes with more than one launch tube, rotate the firing of each tube.

If shell fails to fire, never relight the fuse. Wait 20 minutes and then flood the tube with water. You can return the failed device back to us for an exchange or full refund.

Never experiment or take the shell apart!!!!